Another Humanoid Filmed – Multiple UFOs Filmed Over Moon Surface – Man Find UFO Crash Site

Another humanoid ufo filmed in the Philippines.

Glowing Object Over Brechin, Lagoon City Canada, Ontario.

Multiple UFOs Fly Across Moon.

An old video was recycled as a new UFO sighting captured over Hertfordshire, UK. Here’s what some hoaxers shared on these days.

A random dog walker from Meddon in Devon, England actually came across a rather strange discovery as he was just minding his business until he reached the site which changed his life altogether.

Ben Landricombe was the man in question that came across this strange crash site that he believed to have been that of a UFO.

Set the scene, Gordon Cooper (yes, the future astronaut) was in training when he had to peel off from the normal manoeuvres because he and his pilot buddies were flying and chased a large formation of round, silver, metallic looking crafts or “UFOs” with his squadron of epic fighter pilots.

THE VOYNICH MANUSCRIPT mystery was unravelled after experts identified a “potentially vital clue to the book’s meaning”.

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