Baltic Sea UFO – John Mack UFO Interviews – Lakeshore UFO Incident – Ancient Advanced Civilizations

The Giant Object Underneath The Baltic Sea.

Triangle Shaped Orb Near Chile Volcano.

Experiencers: John E. Mack, M.D.

UFO Chases Blue Angels Jet Practicing for Air Show.

UFO report ‘vindication’ for man who tracked 1994 sightings on radar.

Several People Describe Similar Aliens.

Col. Philip Corso Tells of his Work on UFOs.

Inside The Massive Ancient Megalithic Complex Of Baalbek In Lebanon.

Museum From Atlantis Accidentally Exposed?

Ret, US Army Colonel Claimed Aliens In Roswell Crash Were Bio-Robots.

Strange Shark Found.

Covert Pro-Western Info Operation.

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