Cigar Shaped UFO – Fleet Of UFOs Filmed – Men In Black Encounter – Dinosaur “Mummy” Found

Here’s the best Cigar shape UFO that has been seen in a long time. This is a brilliant “caught on camera UFO” and not only that but apparently this has been seen in multiple places according to peoples comments on Instagram?

UFO Sighting, Oakbay, Victoria, Canada On June 29, 2008.

One interesting memo describes the report made by Hottel. In it, he describes three “flying saucers” that were discovered in New Mexico.
The memo states that the three flying saucers recovered in New Mexico were approximately 50 feet in diameter. In each of them, there was one alien creature, and their figures resembled human bodies a lot, however, they were about three feet tall and dressed in peculiar metal suits.

A FLEET of alien space ships have apparently been seen over the US, with a video of the phenomenon showing several orbs in the night’s sky.

When Robert Earl White’s mother witnessed a real ufo crash in 1991, little did she realize the intimidation she would endure to keep quiet.

White was four years old at the time and clearly remembers a visit by two men dressed in black suits and wearing hats. They showed up within twenty five minutes of the crash.

Paleontologists from the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Alberta, Canada were more than excited to unveil a dinosaur, because it wasn’t just in form of skeleton, but was so well-preserved that it was considered a dinosaur “mummy” rather than just a fossil.

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