Cigar Shaped UFO Near ISS – Air Force Medic Autopsies Aliens – Secret File Claims Tesla From Venus

This huge Cigar UFO is about as blatant as it gets in terms of Aliens waving a huge flag and saying “hello”. Here’s NASA and the powers that be, not even bothering to hide this Cigar shaped UFO and it’s been released with their full backing otherwise it wouldn’t be here – right?

According to one former Air Force field medic, Emery Smith, alien bodies have been found and operated on across the globe, and there are far more top secret locations than we have been led to believe. These labs were discovered after Smith reported that he has worked on several different shocking projects involving “alien autopsies.”

In June 2020, a resident of the Polish village of Jastrovo was riding a bicycle and allegedly saw a rotating unidentified flying object in the form of a floating saucer. It made a rustle, touching the top of a tree. The man managed to photograph the UFO before it disappeared.

A document from the FBI vault claims Nikola Tesla was from Venus.

Why do ships and planes vanish without a trace in the Bermuda Triangle? So, the airplane involved was a Beechcraft Bonanza single-engine aircraft. Onboard, pilot Bruce Gernon had two passengers: his father and business partner. They took off from Andros Island in the Bahamas and headed northwest for the Florida coast. It was December 4, 1970. This was a typical flight Bruce had made dozens of times before! But this time would be different. They would face really unexplainable and maybe even mysterious things.

Even whistleblowers use anonymity to remain in the shadows so as not to uncover themselves which could allow them to get more stuff in the future if the need arises? If that’s the case it makes sense because of the lack of “even” the location of the Triangle UFO encounter caught on camera? I’m gonna call it a great big “grandiose Triangle UFO Encounter In The Desert”.

UFO hunters think they have found evidence of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth after a flying saucer-shape cloud anomaly was filmed over Spain.

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