Disclosure Is Happening – Aliens And UFOs Are Real And They’re Here

Even with the release of the” Tic-Toc” and “The Gimbel” footage showing US military planes engaged with an unknown flying object, people are still asking, “when will the government disclose?”

Disclosure with a small “d” has been going on for many years now. More and more information about the UFO presence has been released as a way of acclimating the general public to the idea that we are not alone in the universe. In fact, we’re not even alone on this planet.

Many of the vehicles we see coming in and out of our atmosphere are piloted by being who live on planet earth. Their civilization are located deep underwater and have been for many years.

I didn’t add this in the video but even Walt Disney made a documentary about UFOs that was shown only one time in selected cities many years ago.

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