Do Thousand of Huge Organism Exist in Low-Earth Orbit?

According to footage taken by one of NASA’s space shuttle missions (STS-75) there are huge organism that exist in earth’s low orbit. Although they cannot be seen with the naked eye, they can clearly been seen when NASA’S cameras on the ISS switch to infrared filters.

Literally, thousands of objects can be seen swarming around an experimental power generator deployed by NASA. The scientist miscalculated the amount of energy able to be generated by the tether and it basically fried where it connected with the space shuttle.

The “tether incident” as it is known, was explained away by NASA as nothing more than particles of ice. But, the numerous numbers of scientific analysis which has been done to the video footage disproves NASA’s claims of nothing but ice particles. These are the types of unexplained mysteries and strange anomalies that the mainstream media doesn’t want the general public to discover.

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