Fleet Of UFO Flies Across Moon – Ancient UFO Petroglyphs – 1957 UFO Activity Wave

An amateur astronomer brings us a new discovery without revealing his name. He showcases his findings to the world without his identity. As it is shown through these pictures, he had noticed more than 30 UFOs while he was attempting to take a wonderful scenic picture of the Moon.

The petroglyphs of Sego Canyon in Utah appear to show beings we see in science fiction films, but these figures are not a modern invention. These carvings were made thousands of years ago (around 8000 years ago) and their Alien appearance makes many people wonder what their creators saw or thought in those days.

Formation of ufos flying in night sky.

A SENIOR Vietnam vet who claims to have seen several UFOs during his service says there were several confrontations between alien spacecraft and the military during the conflict.

When it comes to the matter of UFO waves, just about everyone has heard of what went down in 1947, in 1952 (with the Washington, D.C. flap), the multiple encounters across the United States in 1973, and the invasion of the “Flying Triangle”-type UFOs that took place across the skies of Belgium from 1989 to 1990. But, what about the U.K.’s invasion of 1957, which saw countless UFO encounters and reports from Royal Air Force pilots and Air Ministry personnel?

This Flying Saucer is pretty wild, it’s not a photoshopped piece of trash because it’s clear to me that this was filmed in real time. I’ll tell you now that I would be shocked if it turns out to be faked or if one part of the video is dubious. It looks real, it gives me a good feeling, it has the natural look to it and I get a good feeling about it. But yeah, I could be wrong.

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