Fleet Of UFOs In Mexico – Eric Davis Talks UFOs – UFO Battle Over Nuremburg In 1561 – Space Cows

A FLEET of UFOs have supposedly been spotted over Mexico, with some claiming aliens placed them there to monitor the coronavirus situation.

Eric Davis talks about the incredible capabilities of ufos.

As the sun rose on April 14, 1561, over the German city of Nuremberg, the residents saw what they described as some kind of aerial battle take place in its glare — complete with the erratic dance of orbs, crosses, cylinders, and the appearance of a large and mysterious black arrow-shaped object — all followed by a crash-landing somewhere beyond the city limits. Later that month, local artist Hans Glaser produced a broadsheet (pictured above) offering a woodcut engraving of the scene, and a detailed description of what was witnessed.

The Americans retired their F-14s in 2006, but around 40 of Iran’s Tomcats remain active. Their main role is defending Iran’s nuclear sites. It’s a mission that has brought the interceptors in close contact with some very mysterious aircraft, according to a bizarre and fascinating 2013 story in Combat Aircraft magazine by reporter Babak Taghvaee.

This discovery is definitely amongst the strangest out there, dozens of petroglyphs appearing to be as old as tens of thousands of years old have now been discovered in India as a result of archaeologists specifically looking for these for a while now.

In the distant South American state of Peru, there are lots of interesting archeological sites that have baffled both visitors and explorers of these places. Among them, the least popular but most unsual site is Toro Muerto.

Star that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Our place in the galaxy.

UY Scuti and VY Canis Majoris.

magnapinna squid – filmed 8000ft below the surface

NASA STS-75 – The Tether Incident.

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