Grey Alien Filmed In UFO – Russian Claims They’re At War With Underwater Aliens – Trump Talks UFOs

Three strange lights filmed in Vietnam.

An amateur recently managed to capture footage of what appears to be a Grey alien walking inside of its spacecraft.

This alien looked exactly like the one from the movie “Close Encounters” and was spotted very close to the set of the movie, which led people to believe that the aliens from that movie were never CGI, to begin with.

Two UFO near earths moon in a historical NASA archive. The photo does not have the mission or date its from, which is highly unusual since 99% of the photos list at least the mission its from. The two UFOs appear to actually have been one, but they separated to cover more area.

THE Ministry of Defence has sparked anger from investigators after stalling the release of ‘the best photographs ever taken of a UFO’.

The top secret colour photographs, said to show a flying saucer above the Scottish Highlands in August 1990 – the so-called Calvine Incident – were set to be released in the New Year.

British UFO researcher and former MUFON representative for England Philip Mantle reported that Russian submarines are waging a secret war with alien ships deep under the ocean.

Ariel School, Zimbabwe. Ufo Alien contact.

Richie is joined by the author, scientific researcher and broadcaster Bruce R. Fenton.
Bruce joins Richie to talk about his explosive new book “Exogenesis: Hybrid Humans – A Scientific History of Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation.” Bruce believes that there is evidence that an advance extraterrestrial race began to genetically engineer us, human beings, in pre-historic times.

Trump discusses UFOs in live phon-in call.

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