Homo Capensis – The DNA results – Paracas Skulls Analyzed

Despite what some would like you to think, the current homo capensis species share ancestors with us and their average IQ is 150 due to their larger brains. They are the ones behind the UFO phenomenon that we see and they still live on

Earth secretly under the ice of the poles and the deep unexplored caverns of the planet. Their technology is miles ahead of ours. For proof, look into the skulls found in Paraca, Peru and other parts of the world..

These are elongated naturally, not due to artificial skull binding which only deforms a skull and doesn’t actually make it larger. The Paraca skulls have 60% more volume than homo sapiens sapiens. Scientific research, including DNA testing on the skulls show many biological differences from normal human skulls.

They’re not aliens, just a different species of hominids. One of the many that still inhabit this planet along with us.

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