Homo Capensis – The Second Species – Rulers Of The Planet

The following is a list of arguments made by Dr. Ed Spencer that he believes serve as data points to support the theory of Homo Capensis.

1-The world was mapped in the Ice Age. They were highly advanced even knowing spherical trigonometry. They must have been the Homo Capensis.

2-Cone Head skulls found all around the world suggest that there is another humanoid race on earth. Brien Forester’s preliminary DNA work shows that they are not human.

3-Megalithic structures build all around the world must have been built by the Homo Capensis.

4-Ruins in South Africa were probably prison cells for humans kept in check by the Homo Capensis who enslaved us. “We’re their pets…” as Dr. Ed Spencer puts it.

5-The brain cavity of a Homo Capensis is 30% larger than the average human, making their IQ much higher. This is based on the Boskop skulls found in the early 1900’s, commentary on those findings by R. Broom (who Dr. Spencer feels has been deliberately covered up) and a recent book written by Lynch and Granger called Big Brain.

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