Large UFO Seen In California – Evidence of Ancient Advanced Civilizations – Cloaked B-1 Bomber Seen

Huge UFO is spotted over Mount San Jacinto, California

UFO hunters are in a frenzy after video footage has emerged of an alleged flying saucer, with one conspiracy theorist branding it the “best close up” he has ever seen.

There is a mysterious hidden megalithic structure located off the road between Urubamba and Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley. Some believe it could be a portal or gateway to other dimensions. Its difficulty of access and partially hidden location have caused archaeologists to speculate that it was used by advanced Quechua shamanic practitioners to achieve paranormal levels of consciousness, and only by those who were privy to its secrets. The site is called Ñaupa Huaca in Quechua,

Along a scenic stretch of interstate in Utah, an unusual formation called the “Devil’s Slide” can be found. It is located between Morgan and Henefer, along I-84 between mile markers 110 and 111. Pull outs on both sides of the freeway allow travelers to take a closer look at the giant rock formation.

Ritlite is a natural landmark, situated on an area of 123 ha on the left bank of the Iskar river above the village of Lyutibrod. It consists of four almost parallel upright walls, 200 meters long, and a railway line passes beneath them.

The “Chinese Wall” of Finestres is, in fact, neither a wall, in the strict sense of the word at least, nor in China. Yet, when you see how it looks like, you can understand why this name has stuck.

UFO hunters have excitedly shared a bizarre new Google Earth image they believe shows an alien craft at a US Air Base.
An aerial image found using Google satellite imagery this weekend has caused a stir in the UFO community. The photo depicts a runway claimed to be at Dyess Air Force Base in Texas. The image seems to show an anomaly blending into the runway’s brown background as it faces towards a parked B-1 bomber.

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