Mass UFO Sighting In Hawaii – UFO Caught in Google Maps – Object Taken From Crashed UFO

9 Videos of Mass UFOs spotted in Hawaii.

Major sighting over Hawaii last night. If you look closely you can see an outline of a triangle.

A short YouTube video shows two UFO’s flying in close proximity to the Moon before seemingly landing just moments after.

Strange Lights Seen By Hundreds In Chinese City Spark UFO Concern!

A new sighting was actually recently reported over the St. Kilda beach from New Zealand’s South Island as this time Google Maps itself brought forth evidence of what appears to be yet another spacecraft over the Pacific Ocean.

For the past 24 years, The Black Vault has gone after UFO documents from nearly every government agency that exists. Although thousands of pages have been released in that process, and subsequently archived on the site for others to download, there are many pages that still remain classified that the government will not release. The National Security Agency (NSA) just confirmed again they not only have Top Secret UFO material, they will also not declassify it for national security reasons.

The truths about the San Antonio case have remained hidden for more than 70 years, and Jaime Maussán has managed to interview many different witnesses and experts who have shed light on this case. A witness recounts his experiences with the military, and the extraterrestrials.

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