More UFO Sightings – Former Senator Claims UFOs Disabled Nukes – 5 Asteroids On Way To Earth

A guy films a bird in slow motion, but when he replays the footage he spotted something the zips across the screen.

Mount Umunhum UFO with Fighter Jets Following It.

Former U.S. Senator Harry Reid repeated claims in a new documentary that UFOs interfered in U.S nuclear weapons facilities – even prohibiting the weapons’ launch altogether.

Another week, another warning from NASA about an impending barrage of space debris, with no less than five asteroids expected to buzz the Earth’s backyard by Thursday.

Russian researchers have found up to 430 giant methane time bombs in the Arctic, which may leave huge craters and disrupt energy supplies to Europe. Local television channel Vesti Yamal reported that the site has been researched on by scientists since 2014.

There are many famous cases of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in the last few decades, but we all wonder when this mysterious aerial phenomenon really began. When was the first-ever UFO sighting?

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