More UFO Sightings – NASA Confirms Water On Moon – USB Drive Found With Hundreds Of Images Of UFOs

Orbs floating over Dallas, Texas.

Huge UFO caught on live webcam hovering in the sky over a beach in North Carolina.

Compilation of UFO Videos.

A remarkable clip uploaded to social media this week supposedly shows the still-smoking remains of a crashed UFO. Amateur smartphone footage shot at the scene apparently depicts some sort of engine.

NASA Announces “Exciting New Discovery”: Water Confirmed To Exist On The Moon

Quinto a man from Germany, Berlin, reports going home from work, when he spotted an USB stick on the ground, with a bizarre logo on it.

He took it home, obviously expecting it not to work, but when it did, he was shocked to see a handful of old UFO photos, we suspect those are photos taken of the first voyagers, that were first put off on the space around 1977, so the timings are matching up.

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