More UFOs In The News Is Disclosure Happening?

This Is What the US Air Force Wants You To Think Air Combat Will Look Like in 2030 A new Air Force Research Laboratory video depicts manned-unmanned teams, drone swarms, lasers and other advanced weapons, and more.

A huge UFO has been spotted in between Earth and the Sun, just strolling by, enjoying the view. Not only that, according to their official statements this UFO was not even paying attention to us in the slightest, it was just minding its business trying to avoid a huge solar storm that was heading our way.

3 lights dancing about probably 4 miles off. Row of lights below are street lamps.

5 UFOs where live on Instagram been filmed by an eye witness and it was very close and they’re big. The YouTube channel Velvet Kitty have this on their channel and has gained a fair amount of views. The video has what looks like Flying Saucers and that they are hovering around in a formation type grid? They have lights on the diameter of the craft which are white do not blink. The fog makes the video look spooky. People are saying they are stadium lights, read on.

Tucker Carlson actually went mostly apolitical for about three-and-a-half minutes Monday night on his Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Near the end of the episode, he took a couple moments to talks about the day’s news about the possibility of life on Venus.

The Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences published a series of photographs, taken by the Venera probe which allegedly shows evidence of living organisms on Venus, one of the most inhospitable places for humans in the solar system. Venus, the second planet from the sun is the most similar planet in our solar system in terms of size and structure to Earth. In terms of the surface, it is anything but Earth-like.

A former CIA agent named Derrel Sims had investigated more than 2,000 alien abduction cases in his 38-year career. Being a CIA agent, he had access to some classified information, which he decided to share with the public.

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