Pink UFO Over Odessa Sea – Odd Light Follows Deer – Lights Over 101 Freeway – Eisenhower Alien Meet

Pink UFO Over Ocean Surface At Odessa, Russia.

UFO SIGHTINGS • 2 Videos • Piotrkow Poland • Denver CO.

Odd light/orb on game camera.
So I have numerous game cameras through out my property to see what kind of wild life is back there. Today when i went and collected videos i came upon this and to be honest im baffled.

Mysterious flashing lights in the sky over 101 freeway in Los Angeles.

More testimony on meeting between Eisenhower and UFOs.

The mysterious man from Taured was an interdimensional traveler.
Everybody knows hat airports can be magical places, sometimes even scary like the Denver Airport. But the story of the man from Taured once stopped at Tokyo Airport is truly incredible.

The most unknown megalith in Japan.
The Ishi-no-Hoden is a huge megalithic stone which is located in the town of Takasago in Japan. The Hoden stone (“hoden”, literally means “treasure mansion”) was carved out of the surrounding mountainside.

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