Russians Know How To Call UFOs – Military Teaches Soldiers About Aliens – Mass UFO Sightings

Russia is said to have knowledge about extraterrestrial beings for more than 20 years, and many respected former high ranking officials have been trying to disclose certain aspects for some time, but face a lot of adversity from the media, who either ignore them or cite them as untrustworthy sources.

A group of young Military guys talking about Aliens.

This is a huge UFO or planet, asteroid or whatever you want to call it, it’s definitely “something real” but what that is I really don’t know.
Because nobody can really tell us what this is, it’s made it into the UFO realms and that’s alright for us, but will it sit right with people who think otherwise?

Colombian News Special on Mass UFO Sightings in Medellin

Collection of UFO sightings.

3 red ufos releasing smaller ufos caught over Melipilla, Chile.

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