Stabilized UFO Footage – Something Caught On Camera – UFO Abduction Story – Dyatlov Pass Incident – Cat Mutilations Keep Happening

UFO appears to be genuine footage of an airborne object, tilting and rotating, moving from right to left relative to the viewer.

“Alien” caught on camera in La Junta.

An approaching storm in Brazil.

UFO Collection
UFO curated collection, most labeled with location and date. authenticity not guaranteed.

CIA Releases Document On How To Take Photos Of UFOS.

Siblings’ “Bizarre” Story of Being Abducted by Aliens | The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The Harrowing Mystery Of The Dyatlov Pass Incident.

Richplanet TV – The Human Mutilation Cover Up.

Map of US Military Bases Around The World.

Reports of mutilated cats discovered in Kelowna.

Seven mutilated cats found dead in Kennewick.

Four ‘disfigured’ dead cats in Vaughan park prompt police investigation.

Animal welfare group request for help on cat cut in half.

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