Strange Formation of LIghts In Night Sky – 3 Flying Humanoid Figure Filmed In One Month

A strange formation of lights streaks across the nightime sky in Narino, Columbia.

This object has been appearing since 1 September around the same location. I and numerous neighbors have recorded the strange phenomenon in the sky over Gaffney, South Carolina.

Strange lights captured while skywatching.

An object that was approaching the Gemini IV capsule was captured on camera by Major James McDivitt back in June of 1965.

Right as the capsule was passing Hawaii by the Major saw a very strange cylindrical and white object approach them. He saw that it had a very huge arm on its side and that it was neon blue of all colors.

The flying humanoid phenomenon is one of the most unusual phenomena associated with ufology.
It represents rare occasions when people spot something unusual in the sky that resembles a humanoid figure with arms and legs.

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