Strange Objects Sighted – USAF General Claims We Have Star Gates – Security Camera Captures Humanoids

Bizarre white object seen over the French city of Aix-les-Bains

ISS films a strange object in earth’s lower orbit. It slowly appears out of the darkness of space and hangs over earth’s horizon.

USAF, General S. Kwast states that there is a Stargate to transport beings from one world to another;

A strange video of a home security camera that has been viralized on social networks appears to show a pair of tiny humanoid creatures at the entrance of a house in Texas.

Dozens of UFOs on mars were also captured by Curiosity Rover.

Despite the Defense Ministry claiming there have been no official reports of military personnel encountering unidentified flying objects, UFO watchers insist that Japan is a hotbed of extraterrestrial activity.

An Italian man from Vercelli claimed to had been abducted by aliens from the planet Clarion in September 1981. The planet is located in the Eagle galaxy, 150,000 light-years from Earth.

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