Strange Underwater Architecture In Pacific Ocean – Natural Formations Or Something Else?

In this video, I look at some interesting features on the ocean floor between California and Hawaii.

First of all, I will say right up front that these features may be completely normal, a result of improper data interpolation, or sonar errors.

This technology has not been around long enough for me to say with any certainty that the results are flawless. Also, the area and features that I look at do not resemble anything that would be considered architecture that would be designed by a human.

But, imagine if you were an “alien species” that has lived in the planet’s oceans for millions of year? What would the underwater city of another civilization look like?

Again, I will say, that the features that Google Earth displays may not necessarily be the actual conditions on the ocean floor.

I understand the entire ocean has not been completely mapped and what I’m seeing is just an interpretation of the current data which may be incomplete. But, if these are data errors or sonar artifacts, why do they look like large alien cities?

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