Strange Underwater Features In Caribbean Sea

More strange features found underwater between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Not sure if this is a digital defect but there’s an area that looks like a very straight ledge with an angled drop off. This doesn’t look natural at all.

Another mystery is the ledge or hill that runs for thousands of miles across the floor of the ocean. These features can be found everywhere and I do not believe they are digital artifacts because the elevation tool indicates the features are on the ocean floor.

The areas along the Desecheo Basin and Guayanilla Canyon also looks like a cut and paste job since there are so many repeating lines and ares that look very similar to other areas.

Using the elevation tool along Muertos Trough seems to indicate something may be wrong with Google Earth because it shows what looks like a graded channel. Instead of an uneven natural terrain, the elevation tools displays smooth angular walls along that part of the slope.

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