Stretching Octopus – Meteorite Releases An Orb And More UFO News

Incredible octopus stretching its tentacles to form a huge balloon captured by EVNautilus at a depth of around 1,600 meters (5,250 feet)

Guy captures meteor on his body worn camera, then exploding over a beach in Australia

I’ve just come across this epic UFO encounter with a white Meteorite Mothership detaching a white UFO Orb but with an interesting difference to it.

On May 16, 1979, Arlindo Gabriel dos Santos witnessed the landing of three UFOs and the huge manned spacecraft in Baependi, Brazil. It was considered the most impressive UFO encounter in the history of UFO sightings in Brazil.

Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association Presents – Rich Hoffman – August 30, 2019 – Unidentified Arial Phenomena

There have been rumors circulating that the USS Boxer had a UFO encounter in 1998. The chatter has gone up a notch since the SCU’s Rich Hoffman discussed them during a previous presentation that is now circulating on twitter. was able to speak to a source that believes the USS Boxer event occured. Rich Hoffman also mentioned the USS Bainbridge having an event in 2017. has not been able to confirm that event, however Rich Hoffman is a credible person and the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies is a trusted group.

A night-time military video shows what appears to be an airstrike against multiple UFOs hovering over Kandahar Province in Afghanistan. The objects, captured on FLIR, were sighted by the 10th Mountain Light Infantry Division during its 2011 deployment to the region. In the video, the UFOs are seen in a static position dripping some unknown substance to the ground right before they are hit by a sidewinder missile fired from an A-10 Warthog, which caused no apparent damage. The Pentagon is yet to confirm this event.

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