The Time Before The Moon – Proselene

Aristotle wrote of a people called the Proselenes who lived in Arcadia a mountainous region in central Greece long before the coming of the Greeks.

The name Selene-the Greek goddess of the moon-has come to refer to the moon itself, and the term proselenes means ”before the moon” According to ancient legend, the Proselenes held claim to Arcadia because they lived there ”before there was a moon in the heavens”

The Greek writer Plutarch also referred to ”prelunar people” in Arcadia and the Roman author Ovid stated that the Arcadian ”folk is older than the moon.”

The roman Apollonius Rhodius wrote that the Arcadians ”dwelt on the mountains and fed on the acorns before there was a moon.”

In Tibetan texts, there are references to a people on a lost continent named Gondwana, said to be civilized before there was a moon shone in the night sky.

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