UFO filmed in New Mexico skies by GoPro

This week, a New Mexico resident going by the name Paityn Masters uploaded GoPro footage of a UFO in the night sky. Here, a shiny object seemed to appear out of nowhere from behind a tree, and flew in a straight line before changing its course and eventually disappearing.

Whilst some may claim this was merely a drone or an insect, the movement of the object is what was most striking. As seen in the video, it begins going at a recognizable pace, before speeding up considerably at one point. To the human eye at least, this sort of sudden acceleration simply isn’t possible for any known aircrafts or insects. With this said, it is quite an unusual sight to see.

The footage also pauses to see a strange cylinder-shape emerge in the sky once the UFO has gone. Could this be linked? Who knows, but it would explain the UFOs sudden disappearance, as if using the cylinder as a kind of wormhole. Of course, this bit is purely speculation but the first part of the video is curious, even for where skeptics are concerned.

This comes after New Mexico has a long history of UFO sightings. From the infamous 1947 Roswell incident to UFC Champion Georges St-Pierre even witnessing UFOs with friends, it’s fair to say that the Southwestern state of New Mexico has its fair share of regular UFO stories. It also acts as an example of the growing list of UFOs now being captured on video, thanks to technology.

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