UFO Flies Through Northern Lights – UFO Filmed By ISS – UFO or Meteor Seen – Alien Implants

Another recent recording from the ISS live feed shows a disc-shaped UFO flying through the northern aurora.

ISS captures a huge object coming over the earth’s horizon before zooming away into space.

Although originally discovered back in 2007, the ancient city of Angamuco was only properly studied recently after the team officially gathered enough money to be able to conduct the last tech scanning of the whole city.

Meteorite next to UFOs on Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.

One of the strangest features in the cases of alien abduction is when physical evidence remains on victims’ bodies. Roger Krevin Leir (1935-2014) was an American podiatric surgeon and ufologist who had found alien implants while performing surgeries on his patients.

A couple of flat-earthers try to prove the earth is flat and find out they’re wrong.

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