UFO On CCTV – UFO Seen By Space Shuttle – UFO Seen During Solar Eclipse – Woman With Reptile Eyes

UFOs picked up on CCTV cameras in Rio.

Strange cloud that seems to be a cloaked UFO.

A UFO slowly floats down a hill and then reverses and goes back up the hill and into the sky.

A UFO seen from the Atlantis space shuttle.

On July 11, 1991, a total solar eclipse was visible from Hawaii and Mexico.
Some of Ufology’s best, yet controversial videos were taken by the citizens of Mexico. The objects in questions have been explained away by debunkers as the planet Venus or Jupiter, or other misidentified conventional flying craft.

HAMPSHIRE has long been a hotbed for UFO sightings, and what better day to look into our own X-Files than on Halloween.

Sightings in the county aren’t a new thing, but only since the advent of camera phones has it become easy for spotters to get a snap.

If with the same eye we looked at the ancient Akkadian Sumerian texts, the Bible, the Vedas, the apocryphal gospels we also looked at recent paintings of a few centuries ago, what would come out? Did the painters want to represent unknown flying objects that even in those epochs crossed the skies of the entire planet? or did they want to represent anything else?

A women with lizard eyes.

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