UFO Over 5 Freeway – Cattle Mutilations – Meteor Flyby – Ancient Tunnels and Quarry – Promixa B

UFO Flies Over the 5 Freeway in California.

Elsberry, Missouri Cattle Mutilations.

Early Risers Across Prairies Catch Glimpse of  Particularly Bright Meteor.

Enormous Ancient Tunnels and Quarry on Tenerife.

There is Something On The Hill NASA Lunar Orbiter 3. 

Proxima B: New Planet Discovered by Scientists.

NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Is Being Watched By Something On Mars.

Italian Inventor Believes Crop Circles Are Models For Generating Free Energy.

Alien Contactee Bridget Nielsen: Greys Are Creating Alien Hybrids Using DNA From 8 Species.

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