UFO Over City – UFO At World Trade Center – Kinross UFO Incident – Ion Drive – Man From Saturn

A UFO over the city.

UFO at World Trade Center.

UFO (Not Moving) Vulcan Engine From Aliens Filmed The Side of a Mountain in West Virginia.

The Creepy Missing F-89 Pilot – The Kinross UFO Incident.

Ion drive: The first flight.

Man Claiming to be from Saturn Files Lawsuit Against Federal Government.

Declassified Documents Reveal the US Spent Millions on Wormhole, Stargate, and UFO Research
Nuclear-powered deep space propulsion. Invisibility cloaking. Wormholes through space. Biomaterials.

Nobel Prize Winning Co-Discoverer of DNA Says Our Genes Were Brought Here By Extraterrestrials.

A Group Close Encounter, UFO landing in Wales.

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