UFO Seen Exiting A Volcano – UFO Near ISS – More Cattle Mutilations – Revisit Skinny Bob Alien

UFO hunters have been sent into a frenzy after a supposed alien spacecraft was seen flying out of a volcano in Italy.

A pair of ufos captures by the space shuttle near the international space station.

In France, a group of friends is camping when they see a large object beaming mysterious lights. When they come closer, they have a surprising discovery.

Keren Farquharson and Louis Delgado explain what they discovered on their farm northwest of Calgary just outside Madden, Alta, on June 16, 2015. One of Keren’s brother’s cows which typically graze there, was found by Keren not only dead, but supposedly mutilated, on June 6, 2015.

Video of Skinny Bob. An alien that was captured by the Russians.

Karson Kammerzell, CTO3 has decided to come forward publicly to address some of the questions about his navy role, his position on the event, and his account of the Nov 2004 UFO incident on USS Princeton. He wants to clear the record of what his shipmates and he experienced – the unknown tracks, emails, re-written logbook, and the pilot’s statements regarding his shipmates. This time in person.

Testing with the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, test launching a Jet Suit from a PAC-24 Fast RIB, and onto a P2000 Patrol Boat. Then really pushing into the unknown by launching three #JetSuit Pilots at the target boat!

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