UFO Seen Over Philly School – UFO Appears At SpaceX Dragon Flight – UFO Seen On Mars Photo

Strange object recorded at school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

2 UFOs seen during SpaceX Dragon flight, NASA removed this from original stream!

16 Asteroids will approach the Earth from 3 to 10 November.

From recently discarded tech to ancient E.T. craft, our solar system is awash with space junk and major aerospace corporations vie for their share of the spoils. Emery Smith gives us the inside scoop on who is running interplanetary salvaging programs and what they gain from the strange things that they find. He explains that most of the technologies in the SSPs, from spacesuits to vehicles, have been reverse-engineered from alien wreckage salvaged from deep-space missions.

Found some great UFO photos in an old documentary showing off upper dome shapeshifting.

Experts Probe Long Island UFO Sightings.

ALIEN hunters believe they have found evidence of a UFO crash landing site on Mars, claiming the same alien ships have been found on Earth.

Most Extraordinary Giant Gippsland Earthworm.

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