UFO Sightings Around The Globe – UFO Transits Moon – Possible Ball Lighting – Reagan UFO Briefings

UFO Over Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan.

Giant UFO hovering overhead in Apatzingan Mich. Mexico.

Seen in Jersey. Can Anyone explain this? It was flying super fast and I only started recording as it was slowing down and into a pattern.

High Altitutde Craft With Thrusters Transits The Moon.

Super-rare ball lightning moving across Siberian field.

Strange Lights in the Sky (Possible UFOs?)

1975 interview with a man who claims he was abducted by aliens.

Strange towers like object photographed on Mars.

President Reagan | Three Famous Alien Threat Speeches.

Transcript of classified tape recording made at Camp David, Maryland during a presidential briefing regarding the subject of UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS and EXTRATERRESTRIAL VISITATION of EARTH. President RONALD REAGAN was present.

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