UFO Sightings – Huge Fleet UFOs Seen Leaving Earth – NASA Lands On Asteroid – UFO Near Nuclear Site

UFO shape shifts flying away and then vanishes.


This brand-new footage was captured by it which showcases a massive fleet of hundreds of UFOs coming straight for us. This is not a drill, as many have already pointed out by now but this strange anomaly is not one that we should ignore.

An UFO was filmed over the skies of California, near Big Bear lake, when the civilians spotted it, they immediately decided to capture it on camera, and one guy started pointing a powerful laser at it.

NASA has released footage and images from their probe’s contact with an asteroid 200 million miles from Earth earlier this week.
The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft made contact with the 1,800-wide asteroid Bennue on Tuesday. Its mission? NASA’s first-ever collection of dust and rock samples from an asteroid in space.

1980s Nuclear Plant-UFO Encounters: ‘Scouting The Area’?

New Top-Secret Witness of an Underwater ET Object by Steven Greer.

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