UFO Sightings On The Rise – Water On Mars – Lumberjack Talks To Dying Alien – Black Knight Satellite

For the life of me I just could not see any wings on these objects in the sky, but just like the eyewitness…at first I thought it was a flock of birds, but its not. Guys, this is a lot of UFOs moving fast and low over Oakland, California three days ago.

Here is a fun eyewitness video just in today. A person caught sight of a UFO shooting across the sky very slowly so it must be very high. It almost looks like a comet with its tail, but NASA says no comets will be seen this month.

This is absolutely fantastic! A person in South Korea uses his meditation skills to summon UFOs to him and this time he does it to show his best friend (his dog…so cute) that they are real.

New discovery took place this year related to water on mars. 28 September 2020, NASA scientists have confirmed they discovered 3 new lakes on mars.

In 1955, a Swedish lumberjack encountered the dying alien humanoid who was lying near the crashed cigar-shaped UFO. He was alive for 2 hours and talked with the man in the Swedish language.

The story of the Black Knight Satellite is by far one of the most interesting ones out there because of how much proof there is to back it up in the first place.

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