UFO Sightings – Photo of Real Alien – Nazca Aliens Are 70% Non-Human – UFO Crash Retrieval Stories

UFO filmed over Medellin, Columbia.

Not sure where this was filmed on Sept, 15, 2018 of two UFOs in the sky.

On two separate occasions, three Orbs from which two of them flew right overhead a car, as well as a weird cluster of Orbs or maybe it was one giant UFO, were captured in the sky over New York.

Originally discovered around a cave from near the Nazca Peru this is by far one of the strangest discoveries as of yet because even the top experts that would usually fight against us have come to agree with us that there’s something overall extremely strange about this mummy.


Retired US Air Force Special Agent Richard Doty claimed that the 4-foot aliens who had been recovered from the spacecraft after it crashed in Roswell in 1947 were still alive but heavenly injured.

One such case that is perhaps even more obscure than most is the time fighter jets allegedly shot down a UFO over South Africa, after which it crashed into the Kalahari desert and was confiscated to disappear into the mists of history.

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