UFOs In The News – Strange Lights in NC – Buddhist Aliens – Navy Admits UAPs Are Real

Ufos have gotten a lot of attention in the news, lately. It’s now being treated as actual news instead ridiculed as it has been in the past.

Those that controlled the disinformation campaign must still be operating based on some news stories that attempt to make ufo stories seem as if it not a serious subject.

Here are three stories about UFO’s and aliens. Strange lights seen over the waters of North Carolina. Some are attempting to pass it off as military flares even though there is no smoke trails seen near these lights.

Buddhist travel high into the mountains to meditate and claim that aliens are speaking to them and warning them about earth’s future.

The military has finally admitted that the recently released UFO videos are authentic. But they also would like people to refer to these objects as UAP or Unidentified Arial Phenomenon.

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