UFOs Leave Moon – UFOs In Mexico – Spheres From UFOs – Aliens Wave At Man – Asteroids Fly Past Earth

Many UFOs leave the surface of the moon.

UFO Filmed In Mexico.

UFO doing dramatic/weird movements captured in Russia in 2015.

These Unidentified Spheres Fell from the Sky All Over the World.

Recorded Audio: Unexplained Transmissions from the Moon – NASA’s Declassified Apollo 10 Tape.

UFO sighting of a glowing ball. Video from our expedition.

Father William Gill about his encounter with UFO.

From the National Archives of Australia: “UFO sightings at weapons testing site, Woomera.”

Six asteroids will make ‘close approach’ with Earth on Biden’s Inauguration Day.

NASA reveals asteroid is set to come close to Earth this week.

Four asteroids headed Earth’s way on day of Joe Biden’s inauguration as US president.

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