Vatican Church To Hold Conference On Extraterrestrial Aliens And New Info On Corona Outbreak

On February 12, the Vatican Church will host a conference that will be held under the title: The Universe and Possible Encounters with Other Civilizations, sponsored by Nazionale Ufological Center, an Italian organization that has members related to the Vatican and the Italian government.

It will be presented by Vladimiro Bibolotti, a freelance journalist, aware of the UFO phenomenon since 1975, and a member of this Center since 1995, of which he was president until 2019.

Bibolotti has an experience that accredits him as a specialist in ufology. He also has connections that connect him to the Vatican.

I also discuss the corona outbreak in Wuhan City. The media is blaming a Chinese Seafood market, but they’re not telling you about a maximum security biolab that opened in the city several years ago.

Could the outbreak actually be an accidental release of a dangerous biological pathogen?

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