We Received Messages From Alien Civilizations

November 16, 1974 from the Seti’s Arecibo radio telescope was transmitted the first radio message from mankind to a possible alien civilization, wrote by Frank Drake with the help of Carl Sagan and others.

Directed to the globular star cluster M13, 25,000 light years away, the message, broadcast in less than three minutes, consisted of 1,679 binary digits, which can be arranged rectangularly as 73 rows by 23 columns, containing some basic informations (the “Drake’s cryptogram”).

27 years the message seems to have received an answer: August 19, 2001, in a cornfield near the Chilbolton radio telescope facility, in Great Britain, the most curious crop circle ever appeared on the Earth has been found, a sort of answer to the message launched by the Seti, different only for some information from this one (for instance the representation of a silicon atom instead of that of carbon, the representation of a sort of alien Dna with triple helix and of a spatial probe instead of the radio telescope of Arecibo).

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